Our Story.


Have you ever skipped your breakfast because you had no time to eat?

You wake up rushed. There’s little time to get ready. Off you go.

At work, you’re stuck in back-to-back meetings. Your lunch and dinner plans go out the window. Work piles up as you rushed towards the deadline.

And when it’s time to eat… you don’t know what to eat!

And if you want to cook… forget it, it takes too much work. The shopping, the prepping, the cooking, the cleaning, the horror!

You look around the area. There is no affordable healthy food around you -- only expensive bland salads.

Hungry, impatient, and deluded, you settled on junk food.

You regret it moments later.

Living this lifestyle day in day out, you don't feel good. Your body feels neglected. You gained weight, along with undesirable belly fat. You feel sick and tired almost all the time.

You finally reached the tipping point. To reverse this personal crisis, you start working out, eat clean and retake your supplements.

They say you need to eat different types of supplement to receive all the nutrients lacking in your body. You buy vitamin C. And another one. And a few more.

With so many expensive supplements to eat every day, you forgot about them altogether. It starts to feel like eating medicine -- you don’t want to, but you have to.

Eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. Eating healthy while building your career should be easy, cheap, and most importantly, convenient.