• Are you trying to replace every meal I eat?
    No, we are trying to help you balanced out your diet.

  • What is in one serving of Millfill?
    One serving of Millfill contains 146 calories, packed with 27 rich vitamins & minerals, and loaded with prebiotics.

  • How do I prepare one serving of Millfill powder?
    Simply tear the sachet, place it in a shaker, add water or mix with your favorite drinks, shake it and drink.

  • How do I incorporate Millfill into my diet?
    If you are trying to lose weight replace Millfill with 2 meals a day. To maintain the current desired weight, replace one meal with Millfill a day.

  • What is the shelf life of Millfill?
    2 years.

  • Is the box packaging recyclable?

  • Is Millfill vegan?
    No, Millfill is vegetarian.The current batch contains approximately 0.3% traces of lactose. However we are working on a new batch that is 100% vegan.

  • How long will I stay full after drinking Millfill?
    Millfill has shown to satiate your hunger between 3-5 hours.

  • What does Millfill taste like? Can I mix and match new flavors?
    Millfill does not have a strong taste. It has a very mild vanilla and some sweetness from Germinated brown rice. You can mix millfill with chocolate powder, matcha powder or blend it with fruits to make it into a smoothie.

  • Where is Millfill manufactured?


Diet & Medical

  • Can I lose weight drinking Millfill?
    Yes, within 3 months of consistent consumption without cheating.

  • Can Millfill be consumed by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?
    Yes it is pregnant and breastfeeding friendly. In fact pea protein provides lots of folic acid which is important during pregnancy and germinated brown rice helps breastfeeding mom to lactate more too.

  • Can Millfill be consumed by children?
    Yes, only after 1 year old.

  • Can I consume Millfill if I have oesophageal or stomach surgery?
    Yes, but best to consult the doctor first.

  • Can I consume Millfill if I have diabetes?
    Yes, in fact our germinated brown rice ingredient can lower blood sugar level.

  • Can I consume Millfill during food-poisoning?
    Yes, the prebiotics in the content can help to fight against salmonella and other bacteria from further damaging gut during food-poisoning.

  • Can I consume Millfill to replace my multi-vitamins pill?
    Yes, Millfill contains 27 vitamins and minerals premix, with prebiotics required in your body.